Matthijs de Block (1992, Belgium) is a research based artist, looking for ways in which art can show the ambiguity of scientific research and societal shifts in contemporary life. Always starting from intuition – whether a word, a technology, or a mindset – De Block researches impending patterns to speak about global questions.

De Block already worked among others, at different projects for z33 House of Contemporary Art, Stad Antwerpen en Waag Society. During a residency at FORMAT in z33 House of Contemporary art, in a project called ‘Microcloud’ he worked together with biologist Niek D’hondt to question the role of micro-biodiversity in the city and its relation to human health. Within the framework of WAAG Society Amsterdam De Block experimented with different biohacking techniques and followed a workshop around the CRISPR-CAS9 technology that was featured on VPRO Tegenlicht. Next to biotechnology he made two works about artificial intelligence. When asked to create a work in honor of 100 years Olympics in Antwerp, he created a public installation that artificially selected pedestrian behaviour in a park. De Block also collaborated with Dries Depoorter in the project ‘Face Detected’, where a facial detection technology directed a sculptor in creating a portrait.

Next to his artistic practice, De Block has started different project in the innovation and creative industry. Together with Jan Bormans (engineer), Mark de Colvenaer (Business engineer), Veerle De Colvenaer (Biotech expert) he started and innovation company (, where they help organisations induce change through interdisciplinary innovation projects. He also was a guest lecturer at LUCA School of arts and assisted a research study about group dynamics in multidisciplinary environments. In 2021, he started a small startup on making digital experiences more accessible for minority groups and elderly people.