How can we make an old giant
innovate into the future?

The goal of this project was to pull Vincotte out of it’s comfort zone and to think about how they could change their value model to fit into the new digital age. Jan, Mark and me organised a multi-disciplinary workshop in collaboration with Energyville. The goal of this kind of workshops (hosted by Kunigi) is to bring people with different skills sets together. Our strenghts are to think very much outside the box in the morning and use the afternoon to push those ideas into a business model. The unique experience of Mark who has a Master of Sience in Business Engineering and a few decades of hands on expierence in collaboration with Jan, who has a Ph.D in applied siences and a ton of experience in strategy, startup mentality and co-creation in collaboration with me, who represents the creative sector, a lot of balls, startup mentalitiy and design (thinking) made the perfect team.

At the end of the workshop every team presented one idea, 7 in total, that could change the way Vincotte does their business. The ideas can not be shown because of you know, privacy. After a review with the CEO and two innovation managers of Vincotte they were very pleased with the results. Some of the ideas will be implemented in their innovation pilots and (fingers crossed) we will help to facilitate the innovation process.