We used train delay to connect strangers in the same train station.

Imagine: you’re at the train station, waiting for your train to arrive. There’s two more people waiting. The girl seems kind of cute and you wanna go talk to her but you can’t just go over there, can you? What are you gonna say? The woman next to you looks like that TV weather host and you wanna ask her if you need your rain coat tomorrow but again, you can’t just walk up to her and ask, right? Now imagine you could simply use an app to start chatting with those two people until your train arrives. Cool huh?

Introducing Chit Chat! This app receives live data from The Netherland’s train company so it knows when your train will be delayed (which is probably the case, let’s be honest here). When your train is delayed, Chit Chat makes it possible to chat with your fellow passengers while waiting for the train to arrive. But wait, it’s not over yet. While chatting, you can win a voucher that gets sent at random times. So the longer you chat, the more likely it is you’ll win the voucher. Getting rewarded for being sociable, doesn’t get any better that that.